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The healthiest route to maximum results

Unlock your potential with our premium all-in-one muscle building package. Elevate your performance with effective all natural supplements & professional fitness advice.

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✅ High Quality & Safe

We are committed to using the best available ingredients. 100% animal free and laboratory tested for safety.

✅ Expert Fitness Guidance

You will receive personalised and science-backed fitness advice from professionals.

✅ Comprehensive Solution

Our all-in-one package provides essential nutrients for maximum performance and recovery.

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"This is by far the best valued box out there. All supplements are natural and you can tell it is high quality. Plus expert fitness guidance!"
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Alex van Driel Trainer

Stop wasting time and effort ⛔

Common mistakes are following ineffective workouts, poor nutrition and the wrong supplements. This can greatly slow you down and hinder you from working towards your goal.

Are you going to the gym? Unproven training schedules, excessively long workouts and solely focussing on isolated exercises lead to imbalanced development and hinder overal progress.
Following a diet with supplements? Unbalanced diets and the wrong performance enhancing substances can lead to massive health issues and diminish your results.

Quickstart your fitness journey and unlock your full potential with a proven solution.

Introducing our Fitlyzen Muscle Box. A comprehensive, all-in-one solution that simplifies your fitness journey. Carefully formulated with essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins, plus expert fitness guidance in the form of our Get Fit Ebook.

The Fitlyzen Muscle Box

Everything you need in one package

A professionally put together package with high quality supplements and expert fitness advice. Find out what you will receive below.

Our signature muscle supplements

100% animal-free and unique formulas

Protein Shake, Pre Workout, Creatine and optional a Meal Shake. Our products are science backed and formulated from high quality ingredients designed to be nutritious and effective.

Free professional guidance

Written by nutrition & fitness experts

The ultimate guide to effective muscle-building strategies. You'll discover a variety of proven workout routines, nutritional information and a customizable fitness plan that will help you train smart and achieve your goals.

You're just 5 minutes away from starting your transformation ⬇️

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  • Free return & refund policy.
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