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Complete daily nutrition with a meal shake

A meal shake is ideal for everyone who is looking for:

- Help to lose weight: take the shake in stead of a meal.

- Help to build muscle: take the shake as an extra meal.

- Help with getting all the healthy nutrients in on a daily base.


The Fitlyzen meal shake is a nutrients source with added vitamins, minerals, protein and fibers. Because the meal shakes contain as many as 26 minerals and vitamins, you benefit from a complete meal, made into in a shake. The meal replacement shake is available in multiple flavors such as forest fruits, chocolate or banana. Since you can prepare the meal shake in as little as 30 seconds, this is a quick and easy meal. Are you looking for an easy and healthy meal replacement? Try out the benefits of our Fitlyzen meal replacement shake.


What are the effects of a meal shake?

The main effect of a meal shake is getting in all the daily nutrients of a healthy meal, in a shake. There are three ways to take a meal shake.


1. Muscle growth
By taking this shake as an extra meal besides your other daily meals you will benefit from having enough nutrients for building and maintaining your muscle mass. There is 28g of protein per shake.


2. Weight loss
By taking this shake instead of a daily meal (breakfast or lunch for example), you will skip the heavy load of a regular meal which means you are getting less calories in to lose weight. The liquid meal shake is absorbed and processed by your body more easily which makes this the perfect substitute for a meal. Ingredients such as calcium and manganese ensure the preservation of your bones and keep your hunger at bay, whilst phosphorus and magnesium contribute to a good metabolism.


3. Health benefit
The Fitlyzen Meal Shake has all the daily necessities added: protein, fibers, vitamins, healthy carbs, and minerals. All plant based and created with having a balanced and complete composition in mind. A pure and healthy daily boost.


Order your meal replacement shake from Fitlyzen

Our meal shake is science backed and a perfect treat for your body with multiple goal approaches. If you're looking for other supplements, you'll find more options in our health, muscle, slimming and sleep categories. We also offer complete boxes with discounts.


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