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Protein powder | What is it and which one is the best | Fitlyzen



What is protein powder?

Protein powder is powder with a high concentration of protein. Because proteins can be filtered in different ways, there are different protein powders. Nowadays there are many brands that still sell animal protein powders like whey protein powders or whey isolate protein powders. A researched better option is to go for plant based protein powders because they are healthier (lactose free) and contain a higher concentration of protein. Proteins support the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass. This is beneficial for people who are health conscious or have an active and/or sporty lifestyle.


Different kinds of protein powders

An important distinction between different protein powders is the animal and plant based varieties as indicated above. Animal protein powders sometimes taste a bit better, but the disadvantage is that they are less healthy, contain lactose and are less highly concentrated in terms of protein. The advantage of plant based or vegan friendly protein powders is a healthier shake that contains a higher percentage of protein which will ultimately give better results.


How are protein powders made?

Protein powder is made by extracting protein from the desired source (milk, cheese, peas, rice, ewrts, potato or any other source that contains protein) and then filtering it. The filtering is done by 'stripping' the protein powder, as it were, of everything that is not protein (fat, carbohydrates, fiber and water) in order to have as much of the powder consist of protein as possible. You have the so-called 'concentrates' and 'isolates'. Concentrates are protein powders with a protein content of around 80%: they have been filtered through until 80% of the protein powder consists of protein. Isolates are protein powders with a protein content of 90% or higher. Which basically means there is an extra filtering. Because of this extra processing, isolate protein powders are more expensive than concentrates. The protein shake from Fitlyzen is a vegetable shake of the highest quality and percentage of protein.


What is the best kind of protein powder?

Which protein powders are best has to do with a number of factors. For example, solubility is a factor in use, but also the degree of absorption by your body. It is not a given that your body will absorb all of the protein. The amino acid profile is also important, since your body does not make some amino acids (proteins are made up of amino acids) itself. So it is good if the protein contains a lot of those so-called essential amino acids. Of course, the actual protein content and other nutritional values in the powder are also important. What do you want to have in it? And, the last two factors that come into play are: taste and price. You shouldn't confuse these. The taste should not get boring, but also the money you have to put down should not feel annoying. We ticked all of these pints with our Fitlyzen Protein Shake.


Work on building muscle with protein powder

The protein powder from Fitlyzen is the ideal product to get your daily serving of protein. With a high concentration of protein you mainly stimulate recovery, maintenance and growth of muscle mass in your body. This protein powder is ideal for people who have the goal to develop muscles and want to keep that muscle mass. The Fitlyzen Protein shake contains a high dose of protein and does not contain unnecessary calories, carbohydrates and fats.


Protein powder for better recovery and growth

Since protein is a building block for your body, it is an essential part in your diet. During exercise, small tears occur in your muscles. By taking protein powder you help your body to recover your muscles and to maintain your muscle mass. It is therefore very important that you take in enough protein to be able to recover and grow properly.


Buy protein powder from Fitlyzen

At Fitlyzen, we look at three factors to determine the composition of our protein powders:

  • 1. Together with our research team, we determine what the best protein shake composition is for Fitlyzen. Scientifically proven.
  • 2. What do our customers need and what do our customers like.
  • 3. What is the best quality and price ratio.

Based on these points, we developed a protein shake that has achieved a 4.6 out of 5 rating on 1000+ customers.




  • -Protein powders are powders with high concentration of proteins.
  • -There are both animal, and vegetable protein powders.
    • -Animal shakes contain lactose, are less healthy and less concentrated.
    • -Plant-based shakes are healthy, highly concentrated and the best choice for anyone who wants to develop and maintain muscle.
  • -Protein powders are made by extracting protein from a food and then filtering it.
  • -Solubility, degree of absorption, amino acid profile, protein content, other nutritional values, taste and price are factors that can make a protein powder good or not so good.
  • -At Fitlyzen, we look at our research: what the best quality protein shake is, what the customer wants and how the price-performance ratio is best.


    If you have any questions about your options with protein supplements, please contact Fitlyzen.

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