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Sleep better with Fitlyzen

Do you lie awake at night wondering when you will finally fall asleep, or do you constantly wake up during the night? A sleep problem is problematic for your health. It is important that your body gets enough sleep to recover and reset your mind. Too little sleep causes you to be less sharp, less energetic and less focussed the day after. Fitlyzen helps you to prevent these sleep problems and to sleep better.



Means to sleep better

There are several methods to sleep better, but to improve your sleep quality, sleep supplements work supportively. Fitlyzen Sleep Support is a supplement that helps you to fall asleep in a natural way and to improve the quality of your sleep. These sleep support tablets are 100% plant based and the effect is scientifically supported. Our supplements consist of pure ingredients that help you calm down and shorten the time your body needs to fall asleep.


It is often thought that taking melatonin is the solution to improve sleep, but using melatonin incorrectly can disrupt your own melatonin production and breakdown, making melatonin filled sleeping pills counterproductive. To avoid affecting your own melatonin circulation, Fitlyzen Sleep Support is melatonin-free.



How can you sleep better?

The effectiveness of your sleep is very important to feel more energetic the next day. When you experience sleep problems, it is also important to consider other factors. Take advantage of the following tips to improve your sleep:

  • - Maintain a steady sleep rhythm. This means going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.
  • - Turn off your devices at least one hour before you go to sleep. Screen light breaks down melatonin, making us feel less sleepy.
  • - If you still feel hungry in the evening, eat a light snack.
  • - Make sure you exercise during the day.
  • - Get the right vitamins in. By taking Fitlyzen Complete Health, you can be sure that your body is getting all the essential vitamins it needs every day.
  • - When you have a busy mind, have stress or worry a lot, write down your thoughts and possible solutions to keep a clear overview of everything.
  • - Make sure the environment in which you sleep is peaceful and dark.



Sleep supplements from Fitlyzen

Take two sleep support tablets daily 30 minutes before you go to sleep to fall asleep more easily. With the purchase of Fitlyzen Sleep Support, you will also receive our Get Fit E-book as a gift from us with 65 pages of information about how to be healthy.



Why order from Fitlyzen?

We noticed that the supplements market could be needlessly complex, and it was difficult to find a product to fit your needs perfectly. That’s why we created Fitlyzen. We wanted to cut through all the noise and bring you simple and effective products that you can trust. We are proud to say that all our products are scientifically backed. We are not messing around. Your body is getting the best of the best with our supplements.


Fitlyzen is not here to fine-dine or a taste contest. Our supplements are developed with a complete focus on the most healthy and goal oriented ingredients for your body. Flavour is not our main objective; we're here to help you get results in the best, healthiest and fastest way possible.


We divided your supplement needs into four categories: muscle, diet, health and sleep. By defining these supplement groups, it allowed us to create a focused and concentrated recipe for each, meaning your body is getting exactly what it needs to get results. And the best part? Most of our products are 100% plant based. It doesn't get any healthier.


Do you have questions or need help selecting our supplements? Check out our FAQ page for frequently asked questions or reach our to us through our contact page and we will help you.

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