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What is Vitamin D and why is it important for your body?

  • By Fitlyzen
  • 01 November 2022

Why is Vitamin D important?

Vitamin D contributes to maintaining strong and healthy bones, muscle function and proper immune system function. So Vitamin D is very important for the body.


How do I get Vitamin D naturally?

Sunlight! This is the main source of Vitamin D. Your skin makes Vitamin D when sunlight shines on it, so it is recommended that you spend 30 minutes daily outside with uncovered hands and your head. In the summer months this is not a problem, but in the winter in some cases people may not get enough contact with sunlight.


Is there any advice I can follow regarding Vitamin D?

Worldwide, the norm is that if too little Vitamin D can be ingested, that it is healthy to take Vitamin D as a supplement. This applies to people who cannot get enough contact with sunlight and the elderly. The recommended daily amount of Vitamin D is 10 micrograms. Don't get enough contact with sunlight? Try our Complete Health multivitamin, which also contains Vitamin D.

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