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Meditation and energy: nonsense or logical?

  • By Fitlyzen
  • 21 September 2022

Anyone participating in meditation or yoga classes has undoubtedly heard it before; working with energies and manifesting things. The average person rolls their eyes and thinks 'what a floaty nonsense'. A shame, because although you don't have to take in all the advice from your agile yoga teacher, there is more logic behind it than you might think.


Our bodies are in constant motion. Even when we are in deep sleep, our cells remain busy. Some of the processes are on autopilot such as breathing (good thing!), other movements and processes are controlled consciously by our brain. So when a brain stimulus causes our arm to move to lift a glass of water for example, we are logically working with energies within our body.


If we go a little deeper into this, it turns out that our brains have even more influence. For example, it has been proven that laughter, even when it is not meant, releases the same happiness chemicals that real laughter does. Similarly, a positive attitude releases good hormones, while a defeated attitude can have the opposite negative effect (read our blog about Brainbuilding!).


'Where the mind goes, energy flows' is a principle that fits perfectly with this.


Research has shown that it benefits a workout when you consciously think about the muscle that is doing the work during exercise. This is also known as mind-muscle connection. A conscious focus of the brain on the physical part that is doing the work actually has a positive impact, which means that working out with energy (or just call it focus) is not such a crazy idea at all.


So get that focus with your next workout and stay positive or constructive in your thoughts. Whether you will win a marathon this way we dare not promise, but at least it can't hurt and maybe it will help you!

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