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The ultimate home ab sixpack routine

  • By Fitlyzen
  • 24 April 2022

Building your abs does more than just help you look great. In fact, a strong core improves your posture, stability, and can reduce lower back pain.
The good news is that you do not even need a gym to train your abs as the exercises from this ultimate home ab sixpack routine are for men and women and can be done from home.

This workout triggers every part of your abs and only takes 15-20 minutes to do. This is a superset routine so start with the first exercise and continue to do each exercise on the list. That counts as one round, and we are looking to do 3-5 rounds.


1. Leg raises

15 reps

How to do leg raises?

Lay down on your back with your legs stretched out and your arms down next to your body on the floor. Tighten your abs and legs. Now press your palms and lower back against the floor and bring your legs up until the bottoms of your feet are pointed to the ceiling


2. Mountain climbers

15 reps per leg

How to do mountain climbers?

Place your hands under your shoulders and straighten your arms so that your body rests on your hands like a straight plank. Tighten your stomach and legs so that your body remains as straight as possible. You perform this exercise by lifting your knees one by one in this position and pulling it as high as you can towards your chest while remaining in the plank position.


3. Crunches

15 reps

How to do crunches?

Lay on your back with your hands crossed on your shoulders. Place your feet on the floor hip-width apart with your knees at 90 degrees. Inhale, tighten your abdomen and lift your shoulders off the floor. Hold this for 2 seconds. Now slowly lower your head back and exhale. This was one repetition. Is this easy? Then keep your arms wide open with your elbows bent with your hands on your ears.


4. T reach plank

15 reps per side

How to perform the T reach plank?

Lay on your side, place your elbow under your shoulder and put your legs together. Keep your body in a straight line and tighten your entire abdomen. Point your free arm straight up into the air. This is your starting position. With the arm pointing up, reach down under your body without touching the ground to the furthest point you can reach in the air behind you. Now turn back up so that you are stretched up again. This was one repetition. 



5. V sit

15 reps

Lay on your back with your arms extended upwards and legs extended downwards. Tighten your abdomen, arms and legs so that they are stiff. Hold your hands and your feet together. Simultaneously raise both your arms and legs so that you form a V shape of your body. At the highest point, tap your feet with your hands, and come down controlled afterwards to the starting point.

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