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Bundles for the best results, plus discounts!

 Do you want to lose weight, become more muscular or live a healthier lifestyle? Fitlyzen has put together packages to help you achieve your goals in the best and most healthy way. The products in our packages are filled with pure, natural ingredients and scientifically supported. With the purchase of any of our bundles you will receive the supplements within that box with 40% discount, plus a free Fitlyzen Shaker and we also gift you the Fitlyzen Get Fit Ebook! We offer four packages:


- The Fitlyzen Muscle Box

- The Fitlyzen Diet Box

- The Fitlyzen Health Box

- The Fitlyzen Total Get Fit Box



The Fitlyzen Muscle Box for strong beautiful muscles

 To help you build stronger and defined muscles, Fitlyzen has created a muscle building package. This package supports the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass. The supplements in the package are vegan friendly and made with science backed, pure ingredients. It doesn't get any healthier. The Fitlyzen Muscle Box consists of three supplements:


- Fitlyzen Creatine to improve your training performance.
- Fitlyzen Pre-Workout for more energy and focus during your workout. The choice of flavour is tropical and watermelon.
- Fitlyzen Protein Shake to support the growth and recovery of your muscles. The shake comes in the flavours vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.


The Fitlyzen Diet Box to help you get in shape

 Is it time for you to get back in shape? Then Fitlyzen has the perfect weight loss package for you. Both men and women can benefit from Fitlyzen's weight loss package for maximum fat burning. The supplements within this box are researched purely to help to achieve your results and are 100% made from plants. The package consists out of three supplements:


- Fitlyzen Meal Shake, to replace your breakfast or lunch for a shake with the perfect nutritional value. The choice of flavours for this shake are banana, forest fruit or chocolate cookie.
- Fitlyzen Friendly Fatburner to boost your metabolism and drive a healthy burn all day.
- Fitlyzen Complete Health for the perfect combination of your daily vitamin essentials.


The Fitlyzen Health Box for a pure and healthy body

Do you want to feel good in your body or are you in need of a healthy boost? The Fitlyzen Health Box contains supplements developed with pure ingredients so that you get all the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs on a daily base. The package contains three health products:


- Fitlyzen Meal Shake for a shake with the right nutritional value. This shake comes in the flavours banana, forest fruit or chocolate cookies.
- Fitlyzen Complete Health for the perfect combination of your daily vitamins and a thriving body.
- Fitlyzen Sleep Support so you can fall asleep easily in a natural way. 100% made from plants.


The Fitlyzen Total Get Fit Box

All our signature products in one box! Interested in building muscle, burning fat and becoming healthier? You will receive all our supplements to help you towards your goals with The Fitlyzen Total Get Fit Box. This package contains all the Fitlyzen products with a 40% discount.


If you have any questions about the ingredients or the use of the products, feel free to contact us.

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