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How timing meals can benefit your workouts.

  • By Fitlyzen
  • 22 June 2022

Starting a workout on an empty stomach is not everyone's cup of tea. Not surprisingly, because food gives energy. Those who are used to starting the day with a big breakfast, for example, will need this to be able to function properly, let alone work out in the morning. Some people always start their evening meal at 6 o'clock sharp, and then go on to their workout. Others exercise before dinner and don't start their meal until later in the evening. But what does the timing of food have to do with exercise?

It can be difficult to find enough time for a good meal that provides the perfect dose of energy during workouts. Some don't eat anything at all before a workout which can cause you to not have all the energy available to you, and your muscles to not get enough nutrition they need during and after exercise. Another pitfall is eating too close to the workout, people then often experience a feeling of nausea or you can get incredibly tired.

How can you prevent this?

Food gives energy, but before your food can actually be used as an energy source, it costs your body energy to process it. Temporarily this works in the opposite way of what you would expect! It takes 40 to 120 minutes on average before your body can draw optimum energy from a meal, and during this time it can be disadvantageous to exercise. Why?

Our body does a hundred and one things at the same time day and night, and one task can come at the expense of another. When your body is busy processing a hefty meal, there is less energy left to help with your workout.

You may notice this, but not everyone suffers from it. Extending the time between your meal and your workout can be a solution, but also choosing (and perhaps changing) the type of food you eat can help. For example, grains, such as bread and pasta, take a long time to digest. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are easily digested and, in addition to long-lasting energy, also provide the boost you need fairly quickly. Meal shakes are liquid and also easier for your body to digest.

So if you notice that eating too late is at the expense of your energy, try having breakfast with lots of fruit or a quick shake.

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