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How your eating sequence can affect energy levels

  • By Fitlyzen
  • 08 February 2023

When you eat a meal, do you eat the best thing first, or do you save that for last? An issue we all dealt with as children, and perhaps still do. The fact that the order of eating can actually have different effects on your body is probably not known to everyone. It can even have a big effect on your energy level.


When we eat out, in addition to a bottle of water, a basket of bread is often placed on the table to begin with. Delicious, but not convenient for our blood sugar levels. When we consume carbohydrates first, it causes a spike in our blood sugar levels. This, in turn, causes us to feel less satisfied and hungry again faster afterwards (very clever of restaurants).


Because cutting out or reducing carbohydrates is not always desirable, there is a much simpler way to keep our blood sugar in check. When we choose to eat the vegetables, proteins and fats first and only then the carbohydrates, this ensures a much more constant absorption of the carbohydrates and reduces the peak in our glucose levels.


Do you notice that you suffer from binge eating and have major spikes and drops in your energy levels? Then this method is worth trying. A salad as an appetizer, for example, before you start a delicious pasta.

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